March 18, 2010

Seven lesser-known Irish feast days

1. St-Barnabus Day (February 2): Celebrating the Irish saint who introduced cable and wireless service bundling to the people of Ireland.

2. St-Christopher Day (August 9)- Commemorating the anniversary of Christopher of Gaelach's oyster-eating victory over the British.

3. St-Margaret's Brunch (March 10)- The solemn remembrance of St-Margaret's lifetime of commitment to the poor of Ireland, held over eggs benedict and mimosas.

4. St-Piedro Day (December 1)- Dedicated to the man who brought Tex-Mex to the Irish.

5. St-Stephen Day (April 22)- Celebrating the pivotal moment in Irish history when Stephen of Galbraith invented the Irish accent.

6. St-Agnes Day (October 18)- Remembering the life of St-Agnes, who did the things the other girls wouldn't.

7. St-Horace Day (June 4)- Commemorating the life of Horace of Ballyhob, the eccentric, angry midget who became the inspiration for the Irish leprechaun.

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