March 22, 2010

Seven brilliant iPhone applications

1. Smelt it: An application which smells it and leads you to he or she who dealt it.

2. Skittles Locator- Directs you to the nearest Skittles vendor.

3. Drunk call translator- Translates your drunken, foul-mouthed slurring into coherent, eloquent speech. No more embarrassing late-night calls to ex-girlfriends or annoying co-workers. Also works for incoming calls.

4. Gaydar- Evaluates speech and visual patterns of subject and matches them against detection criteria.

5. Nice Comeback- Provides cutting retorts to insults for the slow-witted.

6. Rape whistle/ringtone- Voiced by Courtney Cox Arquette and essential for anyone's personal safety, this application screams "Help! I'm being raped." It is also available as a ringtone.

7. Boob scale- This application weighs boobs. Sometimes simpler is better.

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