March 13, 2010

My yoga instructor is going through some personal issues

 As we end class today, I want you all to feel the energy in your breath and take that energy out into the world with you. Feel it flowing through your chest, through your arms, down through your legs. That energy is yours and no one can take it away from you. Even if a certain someone refuses to take your calls and has un-friended you on Facebook, the energy that you have in your body, in your breath, is yours and is all you need to face the world. Sometimes we have people who help us face the world, but sometimes those people say that they've grown tired of the constant spiritual retreats and "my bullshit yoga lifestyle" and leave. Sometimes people just can't admit that they hate themselves because they became fucking accountants instead of world-class chefs like they really wanted to but were too scared to. But what they don't realize is that people care about them and all they want is for them to be happy no matter what they're doing. And the last thing they should do is START FUCKING ANOTHER YOGA INSTRUCTOR AT THE SAME STUDIO HIS GIRLFRIEND WORKS AT! DO YOU HEAR ME KAREN?! YOU FUCKING BITCH! I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE IN YOUR CAR! 

And keep breathing. You have all the time in the world. Except if you want to have children of course, which I do. Feel your energy. Namaste.

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