March 3, 2010

Seven definitive predictions for the finale of "Lost"

The main thing which dissuades me from really engaging with any part of "Lost", especially in its last season, is that the writers have taken so many liberties with time, space, and logic that the show is no longer bound by any intuitive concept of reality. I say it's more satisfying to draw your own conclusions:

1. The island is actually microscopic. It's sitting in a puddle in the backyard of a retired couple from Seattle.

2. Jack's father is the black smoke. He inhabited Locke to tell Jack that he was adopted and that his biological father is Jin.

3. Kate and Claire are the same person. That's why you see them talking together Claire has an Australian accent.

4. Charlie never died. He's living inside Hurley and is controlling Hurley's thoughts.

5. Jacob got Claire/Kate pregnant with his mind and Aaron is a vampire.

6. Sayid is Arab Jesus.

7. Sawyer is also the black smoke.

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  1. You are Hilarious. My girlfriend and I died laughing especially @ #2!!!