May 4, 2010

Seven Playoff Traditions

1. The Miami Heat burn Betty White in effigy to banish the bad luck she brought the team during the disastrous "Golden Girls Night" at the American Airlines Arena in the 1991-1992 playoffs. 

2. The Chicago Blackhawks eat deep-dish pizza between the second and third periods of away games.

3. The Boston Celtics have the last living leprechaun held in captivity and shower with it.

4. The Denver Broncos all watch "Stand by Me" together the night before game day.

5. The LA Dodgers only use bats made from the tree that killed Sonny Bono.

6. Every member of the Montreal Canadiens kisses their goalie on the mouth before and after each game.

7. If the New York Knicks are down in the series, they will dig up the corpse of Wilt Chamberlain, dress it uniform, and put in on the bench.

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